The Technology of TLA

What we offer with our products.

Pacing and timing in absolute control; the flow of the musical meaning is always perceived in time, with yet unheard tempo.

The sense of breath and space is totally captivating; you will notice that the musical performance is naturally located in the recording environment, covering a specific amount of space. You will be able to clearly notice the boundaries of the recording studio, or feel the ‘fresh air’ of the environment at the recordings performed outdoors.

Harmonic naturalness, richness and complexity are unique; the acoustical overtones and textures of organs like violin and viola, alto and tenor saxophone, are always clearly distinguishable from the very first note.

All our products are characterized by stunning immediacy and sheer dynamic swings; the musical event seems to happen just in front of the listener. One can clearly hear the breath of the performers and feel their effort, energy and passion, preserving at the same time the integrity and wholeness of the performance, which happens almost in front of his eyes

Our products are built to the highest construction standards possible and to last for many years of trouble-free operation. Chassis and power supply cases, are engineered from solid aerospace aluminum blocks, conforming to all US and EU safety standards. Using specific construction methods and techniques, our products are carefully tuned and treated in a special way so as to minimize any influence to sound quality, caused of concentration of acoustical standing waves, resonance and over-damping of vibrations. All parts and components, are carefully selected and checked one by one, judged not only of their top quality and reliability, but as well as of their lowest contribution to the overall sound character.